Thursday, 8 August 2013

The "20 random facts about me" tag!

I recently got inspired by another fellow blogger to do the "20 facts about me" tag. As I have been blogging for almost a month now, it seems only natural that you get to know me a little bit. Let's get started!

  1. I'm short. Like, really short. I'm 1.55m, but I like my size, petit girls all the way!
  2. My name is Hristina, but I got nicknamed Misty like forever ago, and it stuck until now. I got used to it, so I decided to include it in my blog name!
  3. I got inspired by Zoella (I suppose you already know who she is, but here's a link to her blog) to start blogging. 
  4. I'm a dog person. I loooove beagles and corgis. Send me a cute picture of one and I'll love you forever.
  5. I first got on an airplane (a military one, not an AirBus or something) at the age of six. Scary.
  6. I hate long walks and hikes. It sounds silly but for me, it's like torture, especially if it takes more than an hour or two.
  7. I like high heels. I know it's bad for my feet, but I do.
  8. I used to hate short hair, but my hairdresser cut my hair really short. Now, I'm forced to love it, haha.
  9. I laugh in my sleep.
  10. I've never worked in my life (except for the time when me & my friend got paid to sit around in caffees all day, litterally)
  11. I hate my nose. I think it's too big for my face.
  12. I hate cigarettes, I have never smoked, and I have a "no smoking" propaganda. Yep.
  13. My dream is to go to university in England (Leeds, or Bath, probably), to study French.
  14. I f-ing HATE trains. Don't ask xD.
  15. I like Assassin's creed, I have played the entire Assassin's creed II, started the first one and I love them.
  16. I am now addicted to Twitter, and I am ashamed of this :/.
  17. When I'm sad, discouraged, or just Monday, I watch this video:
  18. I can start crying really easily. It's almost like in the movies, haha.
  19. I can ramble on and on, and on.. But you have to get to know me first. 
  20.  I was crazy about the "Don't starve" game and have reached day 25! Success!

I hope I didn't bore you to death, but that's me! If you have such posts, send them over! Enjoy xx.


  1. Ahh, you're so incredibly gorgeous, Hristina!♥♥♥ And OMG that video has just made my ENTIRE week - thank you SO MUCH for sharing!!!!

    1. And you comment just made my day, seriously! I'm so glad you like the video, it's like my favourite thing in the world haha! xx and Thanks so much, again!

  2. This is such a good 20 things - I love it when they're random but really sum somebody up :)


    1. Thanks, glad you like it, darling. Just checked out your blog, followed on twitter :)


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