Wednesday, 31 July 2013

High-tech fashion? #3: Headband headphones

Now, here's a thing about me - I like bows and ribbons. Ridiculously big ones, and I have bow headbands (which I never wear in public, haha), so this high-tech gadjet I discovered really appealed to me.

     Awesome-looking sparkly headbands, right? Well, it's not just that. These are actually headphones from iHip, designed by Snooki (since I'm not from the UK, I know pretty much nothing about her, sorry about that). They are really reasonably priced at $39.99. I mean, I would give a lot more for some nice-quality headphones, but that's just me. 
    iHip claim that the headband headphones have professional sound quality and high performance audio, and also adjustable & swivel earcups. The headband is detatchable and you can use your headphones without it, but I don't really see the point in buying them if you're going to remove it. You can also connect them to any mobile device - smartohones, tablets etc.
    I think that the headphones look great, they would make a stylish accessory, but i'm not really sure if this would be comfortable enough to wear in public. However, if I had an extra $40, I'd probably try these headphones. And if iHip's promises for good audio quality turn out to be true, I'd maybe recommend the product to any girly music lover.
    What do you think and would you buy such an accessory?

Monday, 29 July 2013

High-tech fashion? #2: Audio Clutch

    Recently, I stumbled upon a high-tech fashion article that truly amazed me and decided to make a series on my blog. Like seriously, the things people come up with these days! I'd like to share it with you guys, and see what you think: ridiculous, or fashionable and witty?

    Now, you'd think that this is just a regular clutch, right? Studded, designer-made (by Rebecca Minkoff, who is very successful, and aspiring by the way). Well, that's where you're wrong. It's an audioclutch. 

    You open it up and two loud speakers pop out. "The Audio Clutch is designed to bridge the gap between the fantasy of fashion and the functionality of technology." as Stelle Audio Couture describe it. But really, is that functional enough? For the price of $399, I really can't decide. You get a stylish clutch (but seriously, where do you put your things in that?) and great speakers. And, you can answer your calls if you connect it to your mobile phone vie bluetooth. It is definitely an innovative accessory, but I don't think it's everyone's cup of tea.
    In conclusion, if I had the money, I'd definitely purchase one of these beauties, but mainly because of their style, and not their functionality. What do you think and would you buy one for yourself? xx

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Trend report - polka dots!

    Two words - Polka Dots. Capital P and capital D. Because these dots - small ones or big ones or medium ones are a great summer trend. They can brighten up any boring plain look, because they are such a happy print! Accessories, shirts, pants - combine them with another print or with something plain/colorful and you'll create an outfit to die for!

1. Dress: Polka dot dresses are girly, sweet, and look fun. Always combine with a pair of red heels. It's a classic. The dress I've chosen is a jersey dress from H&M, but you can go for anything more formal, or anything as casual as this.
2. Bag: There are countless color combinations you can go for - the classics - black and white or red and white, or something unusual, girlier and cuter like this ASOS bag. Accessories are key and chosing a polka dot one is quite the risk, but if you make the right choice, compliments await.
3. Glasses: My personal favourite is this pair of glasses from Stradivarius. I am a proud owner of this awesomeness, and I guarantee you will fall in love with them the second you put them on.
4. Pants: Polka dot pants seem to be the hit. You can see them on everywhere on Pinterest and Polyvore, in all shapes and sizes (colors and sizes more likely xD ). Anyway, it's an essential thing to have i your closet these days. These ones are from Free People, but unfortunately they're out of stock.
5. Top: The classic - black and white polka dot top. A loose-fitting one, or perhaps a more formal chiffon/lace one is a must-have. This one is from H&M.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Hight-tech fashion?

    High-tech fashion? Is that possible? Well I guess that now it is - with the ZeBracelet. It's an extremely cool gadget that can turn into a pretty, girly accessory. Sounds freaky, right? It's not. I watched a review on Youtube, and now I'm totally purchasing one. 
    You're probably asking yourself "What sorcery is this?". Well, it's a bluetooth bracelet-watch-thingy. It connects via bluetooth to all your devices - smartphone (it's iPhone compatible, too), tablet etc. and enables you to answer incoming calls, to see your messages and listen to music on-the-go! How epic is that?
The only draw-back is, however, that the sound from your headphones won't be as loud as on your phone, but I guess I can live with that!
     I, being a geeky girl am totally fascinated with such a gadget, because its not only pretty, but it's practical, too, and with today's pace of life, we have got to always stay connected. And I think an awesome high-tech way to do so, is the ZeBracelet (it's by MyKronoz, I've linked their official website).

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Celebs in Nautical: Taylor Swift

So, I decided to do the FBLbloggers theme challenge: Nauticals. I did a little research and turns out thet the biggest celeb nautical-fan is Taylor Swift. So I have chosen a few of her nautical outfits and I'm going to show you how to copy them! Let's go!

For our first look, I have chosen these items:
1. An Ipanema nautical striped dress, which it out of stock unfortunately.
2. s. Oliver shoulder bag, red with blue stripes.
3. Kimchi Blue Peep-Toe D'Orsay Heel from Urban Outfitters
This is a very girly, casual summery look, and of course there can be a few more combinations created with accessories, such as an anchor bracelet or earrings. It's a great look for the seaside, or if you just want to give off that nautical vibe!

For our look two, here are "The Chosen Ones":
1. Face it, when we say nautical, we mean blue and white stripes. What's better than a nautical T-shirt from John Lewis
2. Combining nauticals with reds seems to be the trend at the moment. So, red high-waisted shorts from Forever 21
3. A great addition to a nautical look is the anchor bracelet. It's a red and blue one from trashness.

So these are the recreations of Taylor Swift's nautical-obsessed looks, haha. Hope you like them! xx

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hair of the day: Rose bud braid bun

Photo by Damyana Bojinova

     Hey guys, it's another HOTD post! Today, it's a rosebud-style braided bun.
    I know, it looks kinda hard to do, but I've found this great video that explains it all. In the video, this awesome youtuber explains every step in great detail, so it's easy for you to understand and copy. You basically do a half-french-braid to the secions of hair around your head, and you normal-braid the tips of your hair. You repeat this process with another braid, and this way you have two braids, which you wrap around your head, creating this great romantic rode-bud hairstyle. But I'm crappy at explaining, so watch the video instead.
    Although it looks really complicated, it takes about 15 minutes to do, tops. It looks amazing, summery, and casual, although it shows that you put in a lot of efford, haha. 
     Plus, you have an awesome benefit from it - after you undo it, your hair will be all curly. You'll have some pretty beachy waves, so you'll have great looking hair two days in a row (wow! success) with just a 15 minute hairdo.
    Hope you guys like it, and find the video and pictires helpful!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Hair of the day: waterfall braid.

 A hairstyle that I love recently is the waterfall braid. My friend Damyana (who has gorgeous hair, by the way) has provided me with some awesome pictures of this looovely hairstyle, which I'm going to show you how to recreate.
    So, firstly, you have to prep your hair for braiding (washing, conditioning, blow-drying etc).
    Then, proceeed to sectioning your hair. First, part it in the middle and then, starting form your forehead, section one third of your hair, then divide this selection into three parts. 
    And this is where it gets tricky xD. Start off like your braiding a French braid. Now, you'll be creating that lovely, flowy "waterfall effect", by dropping the last strand of the first braid section.
     Pick up a new section of hair that's next to the section you’ve released to replace that staction.
Continue in the same pattern as long as you like your braid to be, and voila! You have a flowy, cascading waterfall braid. We've finished it by curling with a flat iron, to create that princess-like effect!
For more detailed info, check this out.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Get inspired. The Pinterest addiction.

    This here picture represents a certain addiction - Pinterest. As we all know, it has gained popularity recently, and there is a reason for that.
    Firstly, it is a great place to meet people who share the same interests as you (in my case - the same ridiculous girly-stuff-addicts), and to share things you love with them. What's more, you get the feeling that you're not alone in your obsessins such as food, books, fashion etc.
    Another great thing about it is that you can organise your stuff so that they never-ever get lost. In your boards you can "store" all your favorite pins by topics. You can see how others organised theirs, be a copy-cat and repin something and so on.
    And perhaps the greatest thing about Pinterest is that it is always a source of inspiration. Whatever you're looking for - it's there: nature photos, quotes, Natalie Portman, Ryan Gosling (wink, wink), online shops etc. You can always see what others have achieved by checking out their linked blogs or sites and its overall a great experience. 
Here I am on Pinterest, click away!


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