My name is Hristina Tcolova, a Bulgarian girl who moved to Leeds, UK to study Human Resource Management at University of Leeds. I'm 5 ft. tall and I can proudly call myself a petite girl, and consequently I have an obsession with all thing small and cute, polka dots, beagles and welsh corgis. 

I started this blog in July 2013 as a little hobby that I didn't think I would stick to, but little did I know it would become such a huge part of my life. I discovered my passion for photography and editing (even though I use my phone to shoot my blog pictures) and rekindled my love for writing. I've been blogging ever since, trying to be as consistent as possible (and frequently failing with that task). What you can find here are beauty posts and reviews, Photoshop tips and tricks, some lifestyle bits and bobs, and occasionally some fashion & style posts aka my fashion failures.

Beauty and fashion-wise, the things you might need to know to see if the products I review will work for you are:

Skin type - my skin is combination and it's also quite sensitive. I have oily eyelids and basically things smudge easily on my face.
Clothing size - I'm usually the smallest size possible, so XS or 34 and my shoe size is UK 4.
Hair type - My hair is a bit on the oilier side, it's thin, but not too thin, and it's not damaged at all so I rarely review products that are suitable for damaged hair.

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