Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Zara Floral EDT - a great Flora by Gucci dupe?

Zara floral edt

Zara Floral Perfume
This week I went autumn/winter shopping. I got loads of things, but the jewel in my crown seems to be the Zara Floral perfume. I'm a huge fan of Zara - their products have always lived up to my expectations, and sometimes you can stumble upon some quite affordable items. But I'll stop rambling on about how great Zara is - I believe we all agree on that. Now on to the point - the Zara Floral perfume, in my opinion, is a great Flora by Gucci dupe!

If you're a fan of Flora, I'd totally recommend this, as the smells are almost identical - floraly and fresh with notes of citrus. You get a 100ml spray bottle (the packaging totally appealed to me - minimalistic and expencive-looking), it's an "Eau De Toilette", which means that it's quite light and refreshing and won't last as long as an "Eau De Parfume". This, however, makes it great for daily use, and as it's a really compact bottle, that you can easily carry around in your bag.

The best part, I think, is that I  got an almost identical Flora dupe for $17. It's such a reasonable price, I just couldn't resist! I like changing my perfumes quite often, and this is a great alternative to more expencive pefumes, especially if you're on a budget. It's a great find, and next time you stop by a Zara store, make sure you check their perfume section, as their other fragrances are great too, I loved the Apple Juice one. Everyone seems to be raving about it, but I prefer floral scents for winter (I think that's just me).
Overall I'm in love with Zara Floral - it's the perfect scent for me, especially for autumn and winter, as it makes me feel energized (we're all a bit weary in winter, right?) and it's quite the bargain for $17! It also comes in a travel-size bottle, which is great if you're planning a winter vacation.

Have you tried any perfumes from Zara? Which one is your fave, and what do you think of Flora if you've used it?


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