Saturday, 20 July 2013

Celebs in Nautical: Taylor Swift

So, I decided to do the FBLbloggers theme challenge: Nauticals. I did a little research and turns out thet the biggest celeb nautical-fan is Taylor Swift. So I have chosen a few of her nautical outfits and I'm going to show you how to copy them! Let's go!

For our first look, I have chosen these items:
1. An Ipanema nautical striped dress, which it out of stock unfortunately.
2. s. Oliver shoulder bag, red with blue stripes.
3. Kimchi Blue Peep-Toe D'Orsay Heel from Urban Outfitters
This is a very girly, casual summery look, and of course there can be a few more combinations created with accessories, such as an anchor bracelet or earrings. It's a great look for the seaside, or if you just want to give off that nautical vibe!

For our look two, here are "The Chosen Ones":
1. Face it, when we say nautical, we mean blue and white stripes. What's better than a nautical T-shirt from John Lewis
2. Combining nauticals with reds seems to be the trend at the moment. So, red high-waisted shorts from Forever 21
3. A great addition to a nautical look is the anchor bracelet. It's a red and blue one from trashness.

So these are the recreations of Taylor Swift's nautical-obsessed looks, haha. Hope you like them! xx

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