Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Hair of the day: waterfall braid.

 A hairstyle that I love recently is the waterfall braid. My friend Damyana (who has gorgeous hair, by the way) has provided me with some awesome pictures of this looovely hairstyle, which I'm going to show you how to recreate.
    So, firstly, you have to prep your hair for braiding (washing, conditioning, blow-drying etc).
    Then, proceeed to sectioning your hair. First, part it in the middle and then, starting form your forehead, section one third of your hair, then divide this selection into three parts. 
    And this is where it gets tricky xD. Start off like your braiding a French braid. Now, you'll be creating that lovely, flowy "waterfall effect", by dropping the last strand of the first braid section.
     Pick up a new section of hair that's next to the section you’ve released to replace that staction.
Continue in the same pattern as long as you like your braid to be, and voila! You have a flowy, cascading waterfall braid. We've finished it by curling with a flat iron, to create that princess-like effect!
For more detailed info, check this out.


  1. Wish you could come here and do this for me haha xx

    1. I wish I could, sweetie, but still I would love for you to try it yourself (and maybe send me a picture of the result haha) :)


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