Sunday, 28 July 2013

Trend report - polka dots!

    Two words - Polka Dots. Capital P and capital D. Because these dots - small ones or big ones or medium ones are a great summer trend. They can brighten up any boring plain look, because they are such a happy print! Accessories, shirts, pants - combine them with another print or with something plain/colorful and you'll create an outfit to die for!

1. Dress: Polka dot dresses are girly, sweet, and look fun. Always combine with a pair of red heels. It's a classic. The dress I've chosen is a jersey dress from H&M, but you can go for anything more formal, or anything as casual as this.
2. Bag: There are countless color combinations you can go for - the classics - black and white or red and white, or something unusual, girlier and cuter like this ASOS bag. Accessories are key and chosing a polka dot one is quite the risk, but if you make the right choice, compliments await.
3. Glasses: My personal favourite is this pair of glasses from Stradivarius. I am a proud owner of this awesomeness, and I guarantee you will fall in love with them the second you put them on.
4. Pants: Polka dot pants seem to be the hit. You can see them on everywhere on Pinterest and Polyvore, in all shapes and sizes (colors and sizes more likely xD ). Anyway, it's an essential thing to have i your closet these days. These ones are from Free People, but unfortunately they're out of stock.
5. Top: The classic - black and white polka dot top. A loose-fitting one, or perhaps a more formal chiffon/lace one is a must-have. This one is from H&M.


  1. Ahh, love those polka dot glasses - so adorable♥♥♥

  2. Haha, me too, me too, fell in love with them, waited so long to buy them, finally they're mine!! Glad you like them ^^


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