Sunday, 21 July 2013

Hight-tech fashion?

    High-tech fashion? Is that possible? Well I guess that now it is - with the ZeBracelet. It's an extremely cool gadget that can turn into a pretty, girly accessory. Sounds freaky, right? It's not. I watched a review on Youtube, and now I'm totally purchasing one. 
    You're probably asking yourself "What sorcery is this?". Well, it's a bluetooth bracelet-watch-thingy. It connects via bluetooth to all your devices - smartphone (it's iPhone compatible, too), tablet etc. and enables you to answer incoming calls, to see your messages and listen to music on-the-go! How epic is that?
The only draw-back is, however, that the sound from your headphones won't be as loud as on your phone, but I guess I can live with that!
     I, being a geeky girl am totally fascinated with such a gadget, because its not only pretty, but it's practical, too, and with today's pace of life, we have got to always stay connected. And I think an awesome high-tech way to do so, is the ZeBracelet (it's by MyKronoz, I've linked their official website).

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