Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hair of the day: Rose bud braid bun

Photo by Damyana Bojinova

     Hey guys, it's another HOTD post! Today, it's a rosebud-style braided bun.
    I know, it looks kinda hard to do, but I've found this great video that explains it all. In the video, this awesome youtuber explains every step in great detail, so it's easy for you to understand and copy. You basically do a half-french-braid to the secions of hair around your head, and you normal-braid the tips of your hair. You repeat this process with another braid, and this way you have two braids, which you wrap around your head, creating this great romantic rode-bud hairstyle. But I'm crappy at explaining, so watch the video instead.
    Although it looks really complicated, it takes about 15 minutes to do, tops. It looks amazing, summery, and casual, although it shows that you put in a lot of efford, haha. 
     Plus, you have an awesome benefit from it - after you undo it, your hair will be all curly. You'll have some pretty beachy waves, so you'll have great looking hair two days in a row (wow! success) with just a 15 minute hairdo.
    Hope you guys like it, and find the video and pictires helpful!


  1. Thanks, darling, glad you like it. But mostly it's the model that's pretty! xx

  2. Really love this hairstyle! Im going to try this out :) x

    1. Really glad that you are! You can tweet me a pic ot how it turned out!

  3. It's my dream to make a bun like that - it's just so unique!


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