Sunday, 5 January 2014

Favourite Products of 2013 - Lips

It is finally time for *drumroll please* 2013 beauty favourites! It will be a 3-post series, including Lips, Face and Eyes, so keep your eyes open for the next ones. I've included some underrated ones, as well as some really hyped up products. So let's get cracking.

First under the spotlight is an amazing lip product, and a dupe for the YSL Glossy Stains. Hint - it's the L'Óreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain (quite a mouthful). It's basically a liquid lipstick, combining the "power of a lip stain with lip-gloss luster." as it says in the description. And it really does. It's quite shiny, quite glossy, but still very pigmented. It's not sticky at all and is very buildable, so you can get that fully opaque red colour out of it. But more on that later in my full review of it.

Moving on to another hyped up product. As I said in my review, everyone and their brother has been talking about this, and it's the Bourjois Color Boost. Mine is in the color Plum Russian, a gorgeous plummy, berry-ish color, that can be biult up for a dramatic look. I won't get into that much, as I've recently reviewed it - check it out!

Everybody loves an underdog. The Avon ColorTrend in the color Bliss is quite the underdog. I've never heard anyone rave about it, and they should. It's a great, affordable lipstick with reasonable pigmentation, really cool packaging and is quite similar in color to the L'Óreal color caresse. It lasts a lifetime, and the formula is really good. The one thing I would change about it is that it dries out my lips a tiny bit, but I always apply lip balm under it, so that's no problem for me.

And speaking fo lip balm. The only thing that saves my chapped lips in wintertime is the Eucerin Lip Repair lip balm. Oh. My. God. It is divine. It's rich, sort of siky, and the texture is great. It's packed full of goodies suck as Vitamine A+E, Dexpanthenol and the whole shebang. Truly an amazing product if you have extremely chapped and dry lips. I put it on at night sometimes (in extreme cases) and in the morning it has worked its magic and I can even still feel it on my lips. Lovely, lovely thing.

Hope you liked this tiny little faves of 2013 post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Have you treid any of these products and what are your 2013 faves? Link me up with some posts!


  1. I love the Bourjois and L'oreal lip products, I have only just tried the L'oreal products but I love them, really moisturising and beautiful colour payoff. I might have to try the lip balm

  2. the L'Oreal glosses are really lovely! Great post :)


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