Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Sensitive eyes?! Which make up removers prevent redness & itchyness

A while back I used to wear contact lenses. That was a huge problem for me as I would rarely apply any eye make up on, as my micellar water used to sting my eyes, and, it's also a danger to the lense itself.
I stopped wearing lenses, but yet another problem appeared - the skin just at the outer corners of my eyes was red and itchy whenever I decided to use a harsher make up remover for waterproof eyeliner/mascara. So, my suffery had to come to an end. I found a great make up removal regime which I'll share with you guys today. Plus, the perfect type of make up remover for sensitive eyes!

Eye make up removal regime & the perfect eye make up remover:
First, I take off the bulk of my make up (if any) with any micellar water at hand. Right now I'm using my L'Oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Solution. I leave the hardest part - the eyes - for last. 
I've come to the conclusion that cleansing milks are THE stuff when it comes to itchyness, redness and overall irritation around the eyes. My favourite cleansing milk is by far the L'Oreal Tripple active. I bought mine 2-3 months ago, that's why it's in the old packaging, but they've changed it now, and it's extremely similar to the micellar water.
Back to the point. I use a cotton pad and gently tap around the eyelid with it. This dissolves the make up without irritating the eye, because of the cleansing milk's consistency. Micellar waters are a bit rougher on the eye as there is more friction between the pad and the skin.
Then, I take a clean cotton pad, put the tiniest amount of cleansing milk on it and wipe the make up off. Repeat if needed
I then splash my face with some cool water, and I'm good to go. No irritation around my eyes whatsoever. 

This might seem really simple, but before I discovered that cleansing milks are perfect for sensitive eyes, I struggled with numerous micellar waters, specialised eye makeup removers, but nothing worked for me. To sum up - micellar water for my face, cleansing milk for my eyes!

This regime works for me, I hope it will work for you too! What's your holy grail eye make up remover?

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  1. Really going to try this out as I've got sensetive eyes also:-)
    Sarah xoxo


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