Thursday, 3 October 2013

Maybelline Colorama Polka Dots vs. L'Oreal Top Coat Confetti

maybelline colorama polka dots
So, it's been hard for me to keep up with blogging these days, and I've been telling you this in every single post this month. But I'm back, and I've got some really good stuff coming up for you guys, includinga birthday presents post, and some reviews - let's start with this one!
Who doesn't love their polka dot top coat these days? So many brands have made these in every colour possible, wither glittery or non-glittlery. My personal faves, however are the black and white ones, as I am quite a sucker for minimalistic things. I find that this sort of nail polish goes well with almost any matte color, or just worn by itself. But, as so many brands have introduced their version of this it's really hard to find the best and most reasonable one price-wise. So, I've decided to make this little post to help sort things out - I'll try and compare the two polishes most raved about - the Maybelline Colorama Polka Dots amd L'Oreal Top Coat Confetti.

1. Application and consistency: When it comes to brushes, I prefer a flat, wide one, simply because it's so darn easy to work with. Especially for this sort of nailpolishes, as the little particles are rather hard to spread evely, and a normal brush makes it even harder. So for me, the winner here is the L'Oreal Top Coat Confetti. But see for yourselves!

Maybelline Colorama Polka Dots

The Maybelline aplicator is long and thin, which makes it a litle bit harder to apply the little dots evely onto your nails.

loreal top coat confetti
 L'Oreal Top Coat Confetti

The L'Oreal one's applicator is wider and the cap is smaller which is better, I think, as it gives you more control of what your doing, if for example you want to da a French manicure and you have to be really precise.
2. How long does it last? Actually, they both last pretty long, I haven't really noticed any difference, they don't chip, just the occasional little dot falls off sometimes. But what makes me sad is how fast the L'Oreal Confetti dried out.. I've had it for just like 2-3 months, I've been using in quite regularly, and yet, it's almost dried out and unusable now... The Maybelline one seems to be more watery somehow and it seens like it's going to last longer than that. So far it hasn't dried out one bit, so the winner is.. wait for it... Maybelline!

3. Price: Well, I think it's obvious that the Maybelline one is quite cheaper - for 2,99$ you get 7ml of great quality nail polish, whereas for the L'Oreal one you give 6$ and get a 5ml bottle. Quite unfair I think. 

4. Verdict: For me, the Maybelline Colorama Polka Dots is much more reasonable - it's bigger in size, much cheaper (yes, don't judge me, those 3$ matter!) and I think it dries out much slower. I'd purchase it again, and I'll definitely try the other colours, they look fabulous!

I hope you liked it, and I really really hope I helped you choose a polka dotted polish. Which one is your favourite?


  1. Nice review! Lovely blog.. i am a new follower;)

    Great post, Thanks for sharing:)

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  2. Is it hard to remove? I'm always put off by glitter because it's a pain to take off! That L'Oreal confetti one looks great!

    1. No, not at all, with a swipe or two of decent nailpolish!

  3. I LOVE-LOVE the way Polka Dot one looks, Hristina!!!;-)))

    1. Oh, I do too, it's amazing on the nails, too :)

  4. Loved this post and these are really close dupes!! Pretty polishes :)

    I'm a new follower and look forward to reading more of your posts!

    Kimberley x

    1. Yep, they are really close :) Really glad you liked the post!

  5. I love both brands and they both look stunning, but I agree the maybelline one is of much better value! x


    1. Absolutely! Glad you think so! :) I hope you enjoyed the post!


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