Monday, 1 September 2014

Beauty hacks and quick fix tips

Today's post is inspired by The Lovecats inc.'s beauty tips and tricks post, which I was featured in *happy dancing*. I'll be talking about my favouite time/money-saving tips and tricks and I really hope you find them helpful. Some of them I've read in Cosmo years ago, some of them I've learned "the hard way" myself, but they've all made my life so much easier and I can't wait to share them with you!

Tip 1: Store skincare in the fridge. I like to store my Avene Thermal Spring Water in the fridge and spray it on my shaved legs for a cooling sensation. Works with eyecream and micellar water as well.
Tip 2: Use hair conditioner as shaving gel. It’s a great alternative to shaving gel as it does help moisturize your skin and the shaver glides effortlessly against your skin.
Tip 3: Double lipstick as a blusher. Especially with berry shades, as it helps brighten your face and preverns you from looking washed out. I've shown you the Bourjois Rouge Edition in Brune Boheme, which I used as a blusher on my prom night, and it looked natural, yet brightened up my face a lot.
Tip 4: (It's super weird, but I promise, it works) If you smudge your nailpolish while it’s still not completely dry, lick one of your fingers and and gently smooth the smudge out.
Tip 5: Before you apply your moisturiser on your shaved legs, spray some Avene Thermal Water (if you don't have it, La Roche Possay and Vichy have their own thermal water sprays a well)  on your skin to minimize irritation, redness and to help lock in the moisture from your lotion/body butter.
Tip 6: Cotton buds are your best friend when it comes to applying liquid eyeliner. Instead of soaking a whole cotton pad in makeup remover, fix any mistakes with a cotton bud, dabbed in cleansing milk (I find it's easier to use than micellar water).
Tip 7: Use a spoolie and hairspray to keep your brows in place if you run out of clear brow gel. Use a light hairspray, otherwise your brows might end up crunchy-looking. Spray directly on your brows, or on the spoolie, and then brush them out in the desired shape.

Hope you enjoyed this post and found these tips helpful. What are your best beauty tips and tricks?


  1. Such good tips. No. 4 made me giggle as I imagined myself licking one of my nails hehe! Thanks for sharing :) x

    Beauty with charm

  2. Love the idea of skincare in the fridge! And I always do the nail one haha!
    Summer x

  3. I bet using skincare after it's been in the fridge is really refreshing!

    Great tips!


  4. There's some great tips here! I'm definitely trying the smudged nail varnish one, this always happens to me. Thank you for sharing

    Aimee Belle


  5. I do the cotton buds one, it's a saver when you're in a rush! I haven't tried out the lipstick/blush one often but I might give it a go to see how it looks :) xx

    Velvet Blush

  6. Great tips! Cotton buds are my best friend when applying liquid eye liner, aha. :) Daniella | Freshly Pressed Beauty


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