Tuesday, 26 August 2014

UK Beauty Wishlist

uk beauty wishlist
Anyone who follows me on Twitter or reads this blog probably knows I'll be moving to the UK this September. Moving country to go to university is a big deal, it's quite the nerve-wrecking experience and honeslty, browsing through the Boots and Superdrug websites has been somewhat of a distraction for me. It's definitely something that cheers me up - to be able to finally use the products I've heard so much about but could never get my hands on! That's why I decided to put everything or nearly everything (I couldn't possibly fit all the things I want in one wishlist post!) in this wishlist. 

1. Batiste dry shampoo: "Good old Batiste", as most UK bloggers call it, haha. The selection of dry shampoos in Bulgarian drugstores is pretty limited and that's why I'd love to try this cult classic dry shampoo. Either the classic version or che cherry blossom one. Another one I've been eyeing is the Dove dry shampoo, which gets an honorable mention as it simpy coulnd't fit in the limited space of this wishlist.
2. Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain: I've seen some rave reviews of this product and defnitely want to see what the fuss is all about. The packaging definitely tickles my fancy, I'm such a sucker for minimalistic packaging! Besides, the color range is fantastic, especially the berry color I've shown above.
3. Una Brennan Tea Flower Moisturiser & Mask: Basically, the whole Tea Folwer range looks fantastic. I have combination-ish skin and I'm definitely lusting after these, as I do tend to get a bit shiny throughout the day and I could use a good mattifying moisturiser to minimise that shine. 
4. Soap & Glory Sugarcrush Body wash and Buttercream: Every time I asked for British brand recommendations on Twitter, at leat 1 of the answers was "You need some Soap & Glory in your life". Yes, yes I do need it. Everything, from make up to skincare looks like a must-have. The quirky packaging, the reasonable prices and the positive reviews are more than enough to make me lust afer each and every one of their products, especially the Sugarcrush Body wash and Buttercream. 
5. Barry M nailpolish: Not much to say here, their color range is out of this world, I've heard the formulas are amazing. I want them all.
6. Sleek i-Divine Palettes: I'm not a massive eyeshadow person. I don't wear eyeshadow on a daily basis, but these palettes look like such agood investment. The neutral shades look great, they have a wide variety of both shimmers and matts and it's such a bargain, as you get twelve eyeshadows for such a reasonable price. What's not to like?!

Please, please leave me some more recommendations in the comments and tell me what you think of the products I've chosen. And most importantly, should I get them?


  1. Which university are you going to? I live in the UK anyway but I'm starting university in September too! :) the dry shampoo works wonders if you're like me and don't like to wash your hair everyday and soap and glory is as good as it looks! I can promise you that haha!

    justaswild.blogspot.co.uk xo

  2. I'll be going to Leeds University :) Defnitely, Soap and Glory looks amazing, glad it's as good!

  3. U'll love UK (I definitely do) All those products are worth buying especially Soap & Glory and Sleek x

    Beauty with charm

  4. Good luck with the move to the UK, you're gunna loove the Sleek palette, they're amazingly pigmented ;)

    Elesaurus | elesaurusrawr.blogspot.com
    YouTube - Eleanor Rose


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